Storm House

In this work, one can experience the intense ten minutes of a storm coming and going, inside a residential house, located in the Karato Oka area. The pounding of rain on the ground, rumbling thunder and flashes of lightening, moving tree shadows, howling wind gusts... all of these transient conditions unfolding indoors take the viewer to a surreal world.


Closed in November 2021


Artist Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Often using sound as a central element, Cardiff and Miller’s artworks merge with the building and environment they are placed into.
At “Storm House”, viewers are exposed to the experience of a storm inside a traditional Japanese house, through the interplay of light and water, shadows, sounds and vibrations, or the movement of electrical appliances. Through the gap with the actual weather conditions outside and by confronting their own memories of storms, viewers are led to immerse themselves in the world of storms.

                                  Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Janet Cardiff: Born in 1957, Brussels, Canada.
George Bures Miller: Born in 1960, Vegreville, Canada.
Award: Benesse Prize, Venice Biennale (2001, Itary)
The artists live and work in British Columbia, Canada and Berlin, Germany. Their collaboration began around 1995. They are know for their artworks consisting of sound installations using sophisticated acoustic technology.
At Benesse Art Site Naoshima, a new commission work called “Dreaming Naoshima”, installed in one of the suites at Benesse House Beach and conceived during a two weeks residency on the island, is on view from March 2016 ( Accessible only to overnight guests staying in this room ).
Represented Canada at the 49th Venice Biennale, awarded La Biennale di Venezia Special Award as well as the 4th Benesse Prize (2001), Participated in numerous international art festival, including dOCUMENTA (13) .

Storm House 2010


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