A journey to islands alive with art.

One day, a giant pumpkin appeared on the island pier.

The pier, once an unassuming sight that could be found anywhere,
was reborn as a sight so unique that it could be found nowhere else.

People began to visit from distant cities and even distant countries.
The island transformed itself into something new...

Here, a story featuring art and island was born—a story to be found nowhere else in the world.
How does the story unfold? Visit, and see for yourself.

Stay on the islands

Touring art

From the beach and pier, travel down a gentle hill to the heart of town. Art displays and museums can be found all over the island, granting island visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Enjoying "island time"

Wake up with the morning light and spend your day interacting with art, nature, islanders, or even your own self. Then, sleep. Here, are some accommodations that will allow you to experience the island's museums—and many other charms—to their fullest.

Latest reports of islands

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Yayoi Kusama: "Art is an Endless Struggle, Art is Love, Art is Life" (#2)

Yayoi Kusama: "Art is an Endless Struggle, Art is Love, Art is Life" (#1)

A work alive with everyday scenery of Inujima
--Yusuke Asai Listen to the Voices of Yesterday Like the Voices of Ancient Times

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