Ring of Fire -
Solar Yang &
Lunar Weerasethakul

New site-specific commission for the local house "Matabe" in Honmura district, opened to the public starting June 21 (Friday).
Under the project title of "Ring of Fire," the entire house is profoundly rendered by works of two artists, who worked collaboratively to conceptualize the time and place. In this house, the cycle of "Day" and "Night" is articulated by the alternating activation of works.

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Monday - Thursday
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No reservation is required for Solar(Day).
Solar(Day)JPY 700
* Free admission for children of 15 and under
Lunar(Night)Online Reservations JPY1,800, On-site Purchase JPY 2,000
・Children between the ages of 0-5 are not allowed in the exihibition due to the nature of the work.
・In order to ensure a comfortable viewing experience for everyone, there may be times when we restrict the number of visitors entering the museum.
・No advance notice is required for group visits; for Lunar (Night) , please make reservations as above.
・Reservation methods and fees are subject to change.


Ring of Fire -
Solar Yang &
Lunar Weerasethakul

Under the title of The Ring of Fire, Haegue Yang and Apichatpong Weerasethakul have conceived an environment, which focuses on the sensations of light, shadow, movement, and vibration. Ring of Fire is a term describing a tectonic belt of volcanoes and sites of frequent seismic activities that surrounds most of the Pacific Ocean. Fed by real-time seismic data, the art works will be operated in two modes, namely 'day' and 'night'. While the sculptural works of Yang are activated in daytime, the installation of Weerasethakul will be active rather evening time. The alternating activations of two artists' production reveals investigation about vibration, reflection, sound, light and shadow and mediates us the notion of physical and ephemeral components for wholistic yet abstract experience of art works.

Haegue Yang
Mesmerizing Votive Pagoda Lantern - Snow Volcano Ultramundane Flowers
Sonic Eruption Upside Down - Slender
Sonic Eruption Upside Down - Bold
Minor Eruption - Sonic Golden Wreath

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Ring of Fire

Main House Renovation:Sambuichi Architects


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