Benesse House SPA

Experience full sensory healing at Benesse House SPA. Release body and mind from the fatigue and stress of everyday life, as we help you experience the art and the Setouchi landscape with renewed senses.

Benesse House SPA

Benesse House
Imi Knoebel Tur and Tor, 1998
Rosemarie Trockel Falling Blue, Rising Red, 1998
Opening Day
Open daily
Opening Hours
3:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Last appointment at 6:00 pm)
During maintenance closure of Benesse House
Adjacent to Park
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Terms and Conditions

-Advance appointment is required. Please make a reservation your preferred date, time, and menus.
-Treatment consultation and changing your clothes will take about 30 minutes.
-Your therapist will be happy to discuss your treatment details with you.
-Late arrival may result in lost or shortened appointment time.
-Treatment may be refused due to physical condition or contraindications such as illness, high blood pressure, or on-going menstruation, or for persons who are under a doctor's care or alcohol-impaired.
-Pregnancy less than 20 weeks is a contraindication for treatment. For any pregnancy, please be sure to obtain your doctor's consent before making an appointment.

-Appointments must be canceled by 6:00 pm the night before. A 50% cancellation charge will be charged after this time.

Reservations and Inquiries
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