About the Islands - Teshima

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  1. 01Characteristics of Teshima

    Teshima is part of the town of Tonosho in Shozu District, Kagawa Prefecture.
    Located between Naoshima and Shodoshima, it has an area of 14.5km2 and a population of about 900 people.
    At the center of the island, the mountain Danyama overlooks the Seto Inland Sea.
    The revered waters of the Karato Spring bring moisture to the rice terraces.
  2. 02Life on Teshima

    From ancient times, agriculture, fishing, and the dairy industry have flourished, nurturing an island rich in foods.
    The island is also famed as a center of welfare due to the efforts it has made in infant care centers, special nursing homes for the aged, support facilities for the disabled, and more.
  3. 03The Nature of Teshima

    Amid the warm climate of Setouchi, rice, olives, lemons, strawberries, citrus fruits, and other crops are actively cultivated on Teshima.
    Primeval forests of sudajii evergreens, sawtooth oak, and other trees remain on Danyama, and terraced rice fields spread out over the slopes facing the sea in the Karato district.
  4. 04The History of Teshima

    Teshima flourished through trade within the Seto Inland Sea, and old townscapes remain in the villages.
    The illegal dumping of industrial waste on the island, beginning in the 1970s, created one of the largest industrial waste problem areas in Japan, but waste treatment is moving forward and initiatives to restore the environment continue.
  5. 05Activities on Teshima

    The Teshima Art Museum was created among terraced rice fields restored together with local residents. The museum is developing art-related activities in the Ieura, Karato, and Kosei districts, seeking to become a place where people can deeply consider true abundance through artworks.

    Art Facilities on Teshima
    • Teshima Art Museum
    • Les Archives du Cœur
    • Teshima Yokoo House
    • Teshima 8 Million Lab
    • Needle factory
    • Storm House
    • Tom Na H-iu
    • La forêt des murmures